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Enterprise Optimizer

Customized User Dashboards

Kinghorn Systems Engineering builds dashboards to give users condensed views of the model that allow direct editing of data and summary or detailed views of results per your needs.  Here are some sample dashboards:

This would be a typical dashboard that a log allocation manager might use.  All data in black are editable and are inputs to the model.  All data in blue are output results from the model.  Note that the time period over which this model applies may be changed to any length desired, thus it can be for a week, a month, a quarter, a year or a season of any length.  Buttons on the dashboard link to other dashboards or take you to the model flow diagram.

This would be a typical dashboard for a plywood plant manager.  Log flows in and out are shown along with a graph of the diameter profile feeding into the lathe.

This dashboard demonstrates the power of .NET compliance of Enterprise Optimizer.  The dashboard is developed with VBA code, therefore many dashboards can be accessed with a simple tab system and filtering can be applied with a convenient combo box control.  Here the user needn't leave the dashboard to run the model.

Here is a coal blending dashboard where ash content of coal products can be controlled and recommended blend volumes are shown.

Coal production and capital planning can all be done here.  The results are only a click away.

Washing levels can be tested and resulting plant yields shown in this washing dashboard for coal operations.


Also see Kinghorn Systems Engineering Implementation Services to get the most out of Enterprise Optimizer.

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