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EO Graphical User Interface

Flow Diagrams


Kinghorn Systems Engineering is an implementation partner with River Logic, Inc. of Dallas, Texas, using River Logic's Enterprise Optimizer (EO) software to construct and run enterprise models.    Here are a few of screen shots of business flow diagrams that demonstrate Enterprise Optimizer's graphical user interface. 

This is an EO model of a simple sawmill.  All objects start as one of the five generic objects (purchase, inventory, conversion, sales and transportation) selected with the bottom five buttons down the left of the screen.  The appearance of objects can be customized as most are in the diagram above.  Simply double-clicking on any object or link (arrow) brings up the relevant data tables so that the user knows exactly what part of the flow the data applies to so that correct data  is put in the correct spot.

Here is a log allocation model for seven mills and all of woodlands.  Financial reports for each division and for the entire company are at the bottom.  There is also a financial report for transfer price eliminations as is required to construct consolidated financial statements.

Note that there is also a "metagroup" (yellow icon).  A metagoup has a flow diagram under it that is opened up with a simple double-click.  The underlying flow diagram then pops up.  Using metagroups means that extremely large and complex models and flow diagrams can be handled easily and in an understandable fashion.

This is a model of a plywood plant.  Note that most of the objects are customized icons so that they look like what they represent.  Any bitmap image can be used. 

This is what a coal blending model might look like.  It takes coal from various seams at five mines, ships the coal to three ports or directly to customers.  The coals are blended at the ports to meet customer product requirements for such characteristics as ash, sulphur, phosphate, fluidity, volatiles, BTU content, sodium, CSR, reflectivity and log(ddpm).

Above is a model of another process industry - cement and concrete.  Enterprise Optimizer can be used to model any process industry.

And for a completely different application, this is a model that determines the best way to minimize the total cost of ownership of a group of computers.  This could just as well be adapted to be the total cost of ownership of a fleet of aircraft, a telephone system or a fleet of trucks. 

Also see Kinghorn Systems Engineering Implementation Services to get the most out of Enterprise Optimizer and EO customized user dashboards to see how EO can adapt for any user.

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