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Enterprise Optimizer

Implementation Services

Kinghorn Systems Engineering provides implementation services for Enterprise Optimizer modeling as follows:

Construction of initial models:

Training of your users.  Kinghorn Systems Engineering provides both on-site and web-based customized training on your model.  Web-based training can be arranged in minutes if need be.  You will see your model being manipulated by our trainer or vice versa if you want hands-on remote training.  Our objective is to make your people self-sufficient in running your model so that you will have minimal dependence on us...  although we will continue to be available as need be.

Custom software for developing data for areas like bucking yields from plantation forests that will interface directly with Enterprise Optimizer.

Porting of data from other vendor's models to Enterprise Optimizer 

Generation of log, lumber and chip yield data for the model through the use of true-shape scanning and sawing simulation (see our Recovery and Yield Studies page)


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